Why Does Skidrow Continue Cracking Games?

Playing games online can be one ofthe best ways you can do to kill your time while at home during this time of pandemic. The fun and excitement that you can get will depend on the game that you will play. With the demand on online games, more and more providers present new games from time to time to continuously give people what they are looking for. On the other hand, if you don’t have the money to pay for online games, then all you have to do is to look for games that are bypassed by professional programmers wherein you can download the link from torrent.

Age of Empires IV download wallpaper

Why Games Are Being Bypassed

If you think that bypassing games can be a way to make money, then you are wrong. In fact, these programmers don’t make money from doing this. So, what pushes them to continue in bypassing games if they don’t make money out if it,? The answer to this question is the challenge that they feel. Different programmers will surely compete who would be the first one who can bypass a game. This is the reason why codex continuously provides links of bypassed games that you can easily get from torrent.

Lots of online gamers watch out for their newly bypassed games because it is free to download. Of course, you will go for a way of enjoying the games without spending a penny. Acquiring the link from torrent is very easy however the process of cracking and bypassing them is a complicated process. In fact, you cannot do it in just a day and it can even take you weeks or even months.

The idea of breaking the security of the game so you can share it to other gamers for free somehow gives these programmers satisfaction. With these, programmers and crackers of online games provide gamers with lots of benefits. No wonder why they gain respect from these gamers because instead of paying for the games, they only have to look for a trusted provider where they can get the links for free. You just have to make sure that you will be acquiring games that are free from viruses if you don’t want your device to get damage.


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